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power pod junior training

for members of bethesda country club

FALL & WINTER 2020/2021

Customized. Small. Results-driven. 

We have partnered with Bethesda Country Club to offer customized small training pods for players and parents that are seeking both the highest quality instruction and a smaller footprint and stringent safety protocols.

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Tennis - when done safely - can be a wonderful outlet for our kids during these times of social distancing and isolation and provide both a physical and social outlet for the Fall and Winter.


Our POWER POD program is for more advanced players from 4th - 12th grade that really want to take their game up to a whole new level. We place kids in small 5-player PODS based on their age and level. They train together for the season so that they get to know each other and so does their assigned coach.  This creates social bonds and accelerates their progress.

Spots are limited, and after a pre-sell period to the members of Bethesda Country Club, the remaining slots will be filled with other players.  You will be able to join and reserve your spot for the whole 29 week season (Sept-April) or chose to only reserve 14 weeks (Sept-Dec).   This half-season registration is only available to Bethesda Country Club members.

Depending on the day, we have a limited number (10-20) spots open - and thus 2 to 4 PODS operating.  You may register your child individually and we will place them in a POD, or you can create your own POD with other friends that are at the required level and reserve the POD. 


Given the small and customized nature of our program, we strongly encourage you to register early.  Once we reach our maximum allowed capacity, we will not be able to add any more students.

blue glove safety protocol


Maximum of 5 students per court


Minimum 6 foot distancing while practicing and resting


Mandatory masks for all coaches and players


Sanitizing products and blue gloves available on every court


Thorough check-in protocol prior to entering indoor structure

level and age-based

power pods


GRADE:  4th - 6th 

AGE:  9-11 years old


WEDNESDAY, 4-5PM (1 spot left)


The Titans PRO team is for our little beasts!  


They may be small, but they have a strong technical foundation and have started competing. They possess a good level of fitness, are able to rally the ball consistently with each other and understand and execute the basics of competition.  In this class they refine their strategic comprehension and develop their tennis IQ through live ball and interactive training.  They will develop their strength and intelligence on court.


  • Consistently rally 20 or more shots with another player from the baseline

  • Participated in and won multiple formal competitive matches (Leagues, UTR, USTA)


GRADE:  7th - 12th 

AGE:  12-18 years old

MONDAY, 5-6:30PM  (FULL)


FRIDAY, 6-7:30PM  (FULL)

Get ready for accelerated improvements!  Our 1.5 hour training sessions are fast, intense and challenging. This class is for more seasoned intermediate to high intermediate players that have started competing and are on track to play for their varsity high school team.

This program is play-based and not shot-based which means that we re-create strategic scenarios players will face in competition to develop the best responses to each situation. 


  • Consistently rally 20 or more shots with another player from the baseline

  •  JV or varsity doubles player with minor competition experience 

Do you have a son or daughter that is a strong singles varsity level player with ambition to play in college and with extensive official tournament experience?  We have College Track PODs that practice at BCC later in the evenings M/W/F/Sa/Su.  Please contact us to inquire.



14 weeks (9/21-12/23)

29 weeks (9/21-4/12)

BLACKOUT 12/24-1/1


I just wanted to send you a note to thank you!  I don’t know anything about tennis, but you seem to be an amazing teacher!  I am so impressed with how hard you get Zoey to work for the entire hour, and I have noticed her improving tremendously.  I love that you challenge her, and really seem committed to teaching her.  She really loves the lessons.  You guys all seem to really get to know the kids you work with, and seem very interested in their success.  I really appreciate that.
Just thought I would let you know how impressed we are with your lessons!



Thanks for submitting!

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