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The perfect low-density solution to competition for Juniors and Adults

Tennis Central presents a safer and fun alternative to traditional tournaments for both Juniors and Adults.  Singles matches are scheduled throughout our network of private secluded courts in McLean, Bethesda, and NW DC throughout the summer, and players jump in when they are available for ultimate flexibility.  A private coach oversees each match and provides live feedback for immediate application and ensures that all safety distancing requirements are met.  Level-based brackets and cumulative scoring.


Duration: Each match is 1 hour, and includes a coached 5-minute warmup. 

Frequency: Numerous matches per bracket will be released each week to those who have registered.  Once two players 'accept' the challenge, the match will be confirmed.

Location: Matches will take place at one of our private courts in McLean, Bethesda or Washington, DC.  Courts are private, secluded, controlled by Tennis Central, and disinfected regularly.

Dates: June 8 - August 30

Price: $50/coached match. NO FEE to register

Level: This competition is CO-ED and designed for players eager to improve their tennis. Open for adults and for boys and girls 8 to 18 years of age.  Must be able to serve and keep score. We will have match opportunities for all skill levels (advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced) so we encourage all to register.


Registration:  Click HERE to register.  There is NO FEE to register.  You only pay once you accept a match challenge.

match format

  • Players will be assigned to groups based on their level of play. 

  • Each match is 1 hour, and includes a coached 5-minute warmup. 

  • The winner will be determined by winning a pro-set to 8 games or the person with the most game at the end of the hour.

  • A coach will be here at all times to supervise the match.

  • A live ranking will be updated after every game so that each player can compete against each other. 

  • The winner at the end of the Summer will be the one with the most victories, or amount of games won across all levels.

  • The winner will get a pack of 5 Blue Glove private lessons for free worth $600!

Ever wonder in the middle of a match what you are doing wrong?  Now, you will have a coach during designated change overs to discuss strategy and improve in real time.


Join the player's roster for free and every time a match at your level becomes available within our network of courts in McLean, Bethesda and NW DC, you are notified.  If you want to play, just accept the challenge and pay the match fee.  That simple.

video analysis

  • Basic: at $49 where the full match would be recorded and submitted to the family and the coach of the player.  


  • Pro: at $149 where the coach of the player would watch the match video, and comment the match with a voice off, and send it back to the player. 

  • Premium: at $249 where the coach of the challenger would not only watch and comment but also draw some analysis, add slow motion to the points, and get the best point of the match highlight so that the player can share it to his friends, family, social media, etc...

join the blue glove open and keep competing!

7 Days per Week* 


*For holiday hours please call.


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