CLASS 1: September 23 & 27 Groundstroke Spins Topspin, Slice, Flat. How do I Do That? When do I do that? An entire Master Class devoted to generating the right spin for the right shot. We'll focus on technique, run drills, then work into match play situations. CLASS 2: September 30 & October 4 Serves & Returns: The Big 1, 2, 3 Serve: The most important shot in tennis. Why? Because you can't get the point started without it. Join us to improve every element of your Serve. Everyone, no matter your level, can learn to add faster pace, more spin and better placement to their serves. Returns: If the serve is the most important part of your game - the second most important part is the return. You must Get the ball back in play. Learn to read the serve coming at you, quicken your reflexes, practice multiple return options. Serve, Then What? : The Third Shot, a.k.a. The Return of the Return. Getting ready for the return of your serve is a vastly underpracticed part of the game. Come learn what to do to increase your effectiveness. Your game will take a big leap forward. How about the 6 topics below (combining 3 of Erin's and 3 of Yann's) CLASS 3: October 7 & 11 Approach, Volley, Overhead: Master Your Transition Game How you move from baseline rally to taking the ball out of the air. Learn to recognize when to make your move forward. Understand the types of shots to use as you approach the net. Gain comfort with your mid-range volleys, half volleys and swing volleys. Sharpen your Short Game with angled volleys, drop volleys, dying quail volleys. Master proper overhead technique and footwork. Learn about placement vs. power. Zero in on your most effective targets. CLASS 4: October 14 & 18 Poaching Patterns: How to Deliver Poaching Plays All Day Poaching often seems like a daunting task when balls are whizzing by you and you feel useless. The fact is, poaching is about teamwork and creating a setter/closer relationship between you and your partner. And I mean ANY partner. A good setter can reproduce poaching scenarios all day and a masterful closer can create just as many opportunities for the team. Let us show you where the poaching glory lies and take advantage of it all day. CLASS 5: Oct 21 & 25 Dynamic Footwork Formula It is true that if you can’t get to the ball on time, you can’t hit it. However, getting to the ball in an awkward position is equally as problematic. In this master class, we will go over the most common footwork patterns that will give you speed, range, and comfort, without the pain, the soreness, and the fitness requirement. Think dancing with the stars on a tennis court. Simply learn to be fluid. Comes with an online course. CLASS 6: October 28 & November 1 Geometris: Understanding Strategy through Geometry You can spend your entire life hitting tennis balls without ever visualizing the tennis court like the best players do. This class is designed to show you the geometrical treasures that are hidden on the tennis court that are available to all who can see them. ComeS with an online course.

Do you specialize in adults or kids?

Tennis Central specializes in accelerated improvement for all ages. Our junior methodology creates a path to competitve excellence and our adult programs are designed to inspire beginners, reactivate former players and bring every player we touch to their full potential. We don't pick winners. We make them!

Do you need to be a member of the club to participate in tennis?

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HAMLET SWIM AND TENNIS CLUB TO ENROLL AND PARTICIPATE IN THE TENNIS PROGRAMS. However, members do receive a special price on all our camps and programs. You do need to be a member to use the pool. There are family memberships still available for the 2018 season but they are going fast. Stop in and talk to Alexis if you'd like a tour and more information. Membership costs are detailed here.

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