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This is a mouthful for a powerful new league concept where the teams are small, and the competition is fierce. Let’s face it, no one gets better sugar-coating their progress.

To get better, you MUST face all types of competition, challenging situations, and a variety of styles and formats you will gradually master.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you will own it.

You can take the slow route and get complacent, or you can take the accelerated route, and acquire all the experience you need to WIN or LOSE, but most of all LEARN FAST in one fun-filled season where your results are guaranteed to pay off.

If you are a “NO-EXCUSE” and “NO-LIMIT” kind of player, welcome!  If you are on the fence, GET OVER YOUR FEARS and JOIN the FIREPIT PACK. 

Deep inside we all know that no one likes to improve slowly!


We at Tennis Central believe in quality over quantity. Our entire staff is made of overachievers who reached the pinnacle of tennis in record time without the typical industry grind. We prioritize measurable excellence and players' experiences over snake oil salesman tactics the tennis industry is built around.


There is tennis and then there is Tennis Central and you WILL feel the difference.  

What is it?

The Firepit League is a straight to the point league where you create your Doubles DREAM TEAM to spar  against other teams.  The format is Open so we accept ALL LEVELS. (Substitutes allowed)

The format is 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. 

We will host a maximum of 20 teams for Season 1.

  • Why choose Tennis Central?
    We know there are many programs in the area, however, Tennis Central stands alone in the quality, professionalism, and results of its programs and coaches. Our model brings world-class coaches for both tennis and soccer directly to you in the convenience of your community. Where most programs have only one quality coach on staff, the entire Tennis Central roster will exceed your expectations.
  • Do you specialize in adults or kids?
    Tennis Central specializes in accelerated improvement for all ages. Our junior methodology creates a path to competitve excellence and our adult programs are designed to inspire beginners, reactivate former players and bring every player we touch to their full potential. We don't pick winners. We make them!
  • How do I enroll in a class?
    Please find the class you are interested in our website under either the "Tennis Programs" or "Soccer Programs" tabs. You will find an 'Book Now!' button for each class/camp that will take you to our online enrollment form. All classes are booked online.
  • Who is the Bethesda Pod Tennis Director?
    Rok Bozic is your Tennis Director. He can be reached at (240) 586-2374 and
  • What is the youngest you will accept players into your programs?
    Our Mini Spartans program and Soccer/2/Tennis Minicamp start at 4 years old. If you have a very developed 3 year old that is able to focus, please call us at 202-478-9655 to discuss.
  • How often should my child play for the fastest improvement?
    Our experience is that the best recipe for improvement is 2 groups and one private lesson per week.
  • Who teaches the camps?
    Unlike most programs that staff their camps with highschoolers, the entire Tennis Central Team is composed of adults with world-class credentials/rankings that have been meticulously vetted and certified. Each of them take your child's improvement very seriously and are always available to discuss progress or help you create an individual plan to further accelerate your child's development.
  • How do I reserve a court?
    There will be many camps and clinics on the courts this summer, so we STRONGLY recommend that you reserve your court. ALL COURT RESERVATIONS are done online through our Tennis Central X App available for download in the Apple and Android store. Simply download the app and connect to Bethesda Pod. If you encounter any problems, please stop in to meet with a member of our team.
  • How can I find other players at Bethesda to play with at my level?
    The Tennis Central X App is not only a scheduling tool, it can also help you find and communicate with other players. Once you download the Tennis Central X App you will have access to all the other app users at the club and can match at a click of a button.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Since we are an outdoor only facility, if it rains we will have to cancel the class for that day. Once you download the Tennis Central App we will be able to use push notification technology to notify you in an instant. Additionally, we will email you if needed. If you have purchased a drop-in class, we will honor your registration for the next class. If you have purchased a 6-week session, you will be able to make up on another available day within the same 6-week session. All but one of our junior and adult clinics are offered two days per week which means you will have 12 clinics during the 6 weeks session to chose from. Once the 6-week session is over there will be no carry-over of missed classes.

don't have a partner?

no problem!

Email us at with your name and level and we will help pair you up with the right partner.

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