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We have created this fun tennis progress booklet to celebrate your child's on-court progress.


We want to clarify that the tracker is not a qualificative grading scale nor should you look at it as a way to determine if your child is "good" at tennis.  We are not looking at the overall number, but rather the improvement in the number over the course of the session.  No matter where a child is in his/her tennis learning, our job as coaches is to find a way to help them improve -- because kids have fun, are proud and feel empowered when they get better.


The Progress Booklet showcases tennis skills on a scale of 1 to 10 based on performance.  The scores are calculated based on a standardized rubric that measures the precision, depth, technique, and consistency of the strokes. 


Tennis Central, as an organization, focuses on exponential improvement. Our Tennis Progress tracker demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellence and high quality in every lesson. The goal of the tracker is to help us as coaches and you as parents tangibly see the progress and accomplishments your kids are achieving.

Click on your child's class below to see the class-specific rubric:

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