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summer camp at home

Safe, Convenient, Empowering, Memorable


The 2020 Spring has been incredibly challenging for all families who had to juggle self-disciplined social distancing requirements and adapt to a new life of distance learning and telecommuting.

As parents ourselves, we know that however challenging these adjustments were, schools did provide some structure to the kids’ day to day activities.

With summer around the corner and camps closing or delaying operations due to the federal and states safety guidelines, it will take some creativity to provide our youth safe, empowering, memorable, and convenient options to play and thrive.

Tennis Central has long been the leader in high quality and high touch instructional experiences, and this year we are exciting to introduce our latest Pandemic Proof Summer Camp at Home.


what is it?

If you have an outdoor space, athletic amenities (tennis courts, pools, sports courts, etc), you have the perfect set up to create a SUMMER CAMP AT HOME experience for your children and their friends.

In the convenience of your home, we will assign a background-checked and BLUE GLOVE certified camp instructor that will entertain and educate your children and their friends for a 3-hour camp of your choice with safety and educational acceleration in mind. 

Our World Class instructors are exceptional at crafting activities designed to improve your children’s skills exponentially while providing them with some well-deserved reprieve from the recent ordeals.

We are committed to giving them a summer to remember.  

where is it?

You can activate a Summer Camp at Home of your choice in the comfort of your home. All you need is a safe private outdoor space that lends itself well for the activities you choose. 


We can assist with any sport that is social-distancing proof in the comfort of your home. Some of the most common requests are: Tennis, Swimming, Low density soccer, Fitness, Track, or a blend of all of these.

We do require access to a dedicated bathroom for the coaching staff.


Starting June 1st 2020, you will be able to book Summer camps at home by the week and secure the most requested safe summer activities.  Book by the week or by the month for more savings to guarantee availability and continuity.


Typical start times:

Option 1:  MORING SESSION - 8am to 11am       

Option 2:  AFTERNOON SESSION - 2pm to 5pm

Option 3:  EVENING SESSION - 5pm to 8pm

low density

Our Summer Camp at Home are low-density. We only allow a 4-to-1 student to coach ratio to control the federally mandated 6 feet distancing. Our coaches are vetted, and constantly rated to make sure that you receive the best experience possible for your children and their friends.

Non-sibling gatherings require a parental signed waiver.


A SUMMER CAMP AT HOME for 1-week costs $2400 for one session. One week means Monday through Thursday with Friday acting as a rain-make-up day.

The breakdown is as follows:

1 child: $2400

2 children: $1200 each

3 children: $800 each

4 children: $600 each


about our staff

Our staff is one of the best in the business. All our instructors are world class athletes who speak multiple languages. They are all high achievers with great skills they will share with your children.

Besides their exceptional pedigrees, they are ALL trained to be invested in the development and the entertainment of your children. 

They are all:

1.  Background checked

2.  Sexual Harassment Prevention Certified

3.  Blue Glove Protocol Certified

4.  Held accountable to your children’s improvement curve


They work hard so your children can improve through play and you can find some peace of mind in these challenging times.


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