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Private Tennis Lessons

At our private secluded courts in McLean, Bethesda and NW, DC

Everything we do is about exceeding your expectations!

When you take a lesson with us, you will see the difference - we guarantee it.  From our private pristine amenities, our rigorous safety standards and talented coaches that go the extra mile with every customer, we ELEVATE your tennis experience.

blueglove Yann semiprivate .jpg

The Tennis Central model brings world-class academy style coaches trained in the European Player Development System directly to you in the convenience of your community.  

Where most programs have only one quality coach on staff, the entire Tennis Central roster will exceed your expectations. 

Our tennis professionals are all certified, vetted, and regularly evaluated to make sure that their performance and care match your needs.  They are all trained in our industry-leading Blue Glove Safety Protocol.

blue glove safety protocol

we provide two levels of coachinG

MENTOR PRO - this lesson provides the most advanced and insightful technical and strategic coaching and adds inspiration, purpose and motivation. (Mentor Pro: Yann Auzoux)

MASTER PRO - these coaches have taught hundreds of hours within our programs and are experts in teaching technique and play the Tennis Central way from juniors to adults. (Master Pro: Alexis, Rok, Nuno, Radu, Paula, Enzo, Marco, Skylar)

PRIVATE LESSON - 1 student and 1 coach. This format provides the ultimate customization to work on specific needs of the player.  It is also the safest in that the student is never closer than 12 feet from the coach or any other player. 

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSON - 2 students and 1 coach.  The students that share the lesson must be the same level and play with the same type of balls. Depending on the level, the coach is able to do both drills as well as live competition scenarios and playing points.

CLUSTER PRIVATE LESSON - 3-4 students and 1 coach.  Depending on the level, the coach is able to do both drills as well as live competition scenarios and playing points.



For the safety of our players, these are the ONLY allowed densities per session at the moment (exceptions can be made for family members.)

3-8 years old: 2 player/1 coach ONLY

9+ years old and ADULTS: 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 or 4/1

to participate in our summer 2020 program, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.



I just wanted to send you a note to thank you!  I don’t know anything about tennis, but you seem to be an amazing teacher!  I am so impressed with how hard you get Zoey to work for the entire hour, and I have noticed her improving tremendously.  I love that you challenge her, and really seem committed to teaching her.  She really loves the lessons.  You guys all seem to really get to know the kids you work with, and seem very interested in their success.  I really appreciate that.
Just thought I would let you know how impressed we are with your lessons!


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